About Our Hens

Our chickens are pasture raised.  They forage in the pasture for bugs and eat grass too.  We feed them natural whole oats and wheat as well.  They are happy chickens and lay healthy nutritious eggs for your enjoyment.   

We consider our eggs pasture raised, not free range.  The term free range has lost all meaning.  In conventional agriculture, it now means that the barn door is opened a crack and the 50,000 chickens crammed into the barn could get out into the small yard if they could fight their way through the crowd.  In contrast, pasture raised means chickens are raised on pasture.  They are on the ground, with grass, whenever they want to be.  They can go inside to escape the heat or cold, but are not stuck there. 

Our chickens eat grasses, bugs, and whole grain.  They never receive antibioticss or chemicals to make them grow faster.  Their enviroment is also free of harmful chemicals and they don't have to stand around in their own waste. Our chickens are pastured which means they don’t live in cages, but live on grass.  They are not given antibiotics or hormones,  they are very close to organic, but probably taste better because they eat grass and live out in the fresh air.


According to April 2012 Bon Appetit magazine:

Pastured eggs are the best choice, but pricey and harder to find.  Birds can roam outdoors to forage for insects and grass, which produces healthier (and often tastier) eggs.